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Chocolate Education

Things about Chocolate You should know

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A Brief History of Chocolate

Chocolate made from cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) which was first discovered in the northern Amazon region at Central America. For the Aztec cocoa beans are called "the food of the gods". In past, cocoa beans are usually used in religious ceremonies and or as gifts. Chocolate was a luxury goods in MesoAmerica period. For old Maya, and Toltec, and Aztec, cocoa beans was used as a currency.

At the beginning of the 17th century, chocolate became a popular drink especially for Europeans. Throughout the century, chocolate spread among the European elites. In the period, chocolate was consumed as a drink. Just in 19th century, solid chocolate was invented. And today, chocolate can be enjoyed in various form.

Research on Chocolate

By research that has been done still shows that chocolate is still difficult to be defined, that's why up until now there has been no artificial chocolate that is able to match the original chocolate. This is because the chocolate is created from a mixture of 1,200 kinds of substances, without any one flavor that is clearly dominant.

Melting point of cocoa fat is located below the normal temperature of the human body. For you to know, if you eat a piece of chocolate, the fat from the chocolate will melt in your mouth immediately. Cocoa fat creates a distinctly soft flavor in the mouth. As recent research indicates that the chocolate which melt in the mouth strengthens brain activity and the heart beat which is stronger than the activity resulting from sexual intercourse, and will also be felt four times longer even after this activity stops.

Variety of Chocolate

In general, chocolate on the market consists of 2 types, couverture chocolate (original) and compound chocolate (imitation). Couverture chocolate is a mixture of cocoa mass and cocoa butter, while chocolate compound is a combination of cocoa powder and vegetable fats (made from kernel oil / palm oil).

The percentage on the couverture chocolate label describes how much the product contains couverture chocolate, for example 77%, which the amount represents a mixture of 77% couverture chocolate with cocoa mass and cocoa butter. Meanwhile, the remaining 23% could consist of milk, sugar, lecithin and vanilla.

In contrast to couverture chocolate, compound chocolate does not display the percentage of chocolate ingredients. Because the more the content of kakako powder, the more lumpy chocolate. Chocolate compound usually consists of 50% sugar as well as 50% mixture of vegetable fat and cocoa powder.

Suggestions Begore Eating Chocolate

Check the ingredients of the chocolate product first. If there is cocoa mass in it, it means that the product uses couverture chocolate (original). But if it using vegetable fat as main ingredients, it means the product made by chocolate compound (imitation). Cocoa mass and vegetable fat can not be used simultaneusly because their chemical characteristics make it can not be mixed up.


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