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Best Chocolate

What is Papaero?

Papaero is packed with a trendy theme, using a unique packaging design with a touch of animation. Papaero is a chocolate product that can be an idol for young children.

  • Dark 48%
    image of Papaero 48% dark chocolate bar

    Made from 48% dark chocolate, a pretty strong chocolate flavor and a bitter legit taste served by Papaero Dark.

  • Milk Choco
    image of Papaero milk chocolate bar

    Dark Chocolate featuring the power of chocolate flavor combined with fresh milk and created a work of Chocolate Bar, Papaero Milk Choco.

  • White Choco
    image of Papaero white chocolate bar

    Made of 100% white chocolate. With the right composition, enjoying Papaero's white chocolate is the right choice when relaxing.