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Zuza Swiss

Premium Chocolate

What is Zuza Swiss?

Zuza Switzerland is also made with a composition of 100% cocoa butter that makes soft-textured chocolate, which will melt immediately when entering the mouth.

  • Dark 58%
    image of Zuza Swiss chocolate bar with 58% dark chocolate

    Dark chocolate which added more than half of the composition results a strong taste of chocolate with a little sweet taste.

  • Dark 77%
    image of Zuza Swiss chocolate bar with 77% dark chocolate

    The content of dark chocolate content is more than half the composition and has a strong flavor that fits for true chocolate lovers

  • Milk Chocolate
    image of Zuza Swiss milk chocolate bar

    Having a distinctive taste that of milk which is fresh and rich in nutrition and healthy combined with chocolate.

  • White Chocolate
    image of Zuza Swiss white chocolate bar

    Made from couverture chocolate which contains cocoa butter. It is suitable for those of you who love a white chocolate which will eventually melt in the mouth.