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- Family Fun -

Family Fun class is opened for those who want to know the art of making chocolate in more detail. The class is dedicated especially for those who want to tighten their family relations by joining this chocolate-making class. The class is opened with a maximum of 5 participants in 2 hours total sessions.

  • Family Fun ( IDR 250.000/family )

    Class opened for minimum capacity of 1 participants and maximum capacity of 5 participants with 2 hour class duration.

    08.00 - 16.00
  • Facilities Family Fun
    • Chocolate education (chocolate history, chocolate type, chocolate production process, and more)
    • Chocolate raw material
    • 3 chocolate molds that can use
    • Cooking class package (make & chocolate creations)
    • Tempering chocolate
    • Chocolate Molding
    • Creations / decorate chocolates (results can be taken home)
    • Certificate for each participant

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