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Premium Chocolate

What is Rodjo?

brings original Indonesian chocolate products and works. Taken from cocoa beans all over Indonesia rich in taste with different characters for each region of origin

  • Chashew Nuts
    Chef 1

    Exotic chocolate from Bali combined with cashwes makes Rodjo Cashew Nut rich in taste.

  • Milk Chocolate
    Chef 2

    Cocoa Pasaman has a strong bitter taste of strong cocoa. Combined with milk, making Rodjo Milk Chocolate is a masterpiece.

  • Pistachio Nut
    Chef 3

    The cocoa of Aceh is drier and has a unique aroma of Aceh's cocoa. Chocolate Rodjo adds pistachio into it to enrich the taste.

  • Walnut
    Chef 4

    The highland of Kulon Progo affect the taste of its cocoa plat. Mixed the cocoa with walnuts, Chocolate Rodjo Walnut has a crisp and fresh taste of chocolate.